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Many Malaysian lottery people wonder if How to play Malaysian lottery Today, let's get to know more about Malaysian lottery.Malay lottery is a lottery that is legally issued by the law of Malaysia, which will have each company that is the winner of the Magnum 4D, Damacai1 +. 3D, Sabah, Sandakan, S'wak Cashsweep and Toto, but the lottery that Thai people use to refer to the numbers to play in our house will be "Magnum", so we will answer all the questions about playing Malay Magnum lottery. In this article

Malaysian Lottery Magnum 4D Rules

The characteristics and methods of playing the Malaysian lottery are similar to the Thai government lottery. But guessing the numbers will only have 4 numbers, therefore the rate of lottery number 1 in Malaysia has more per cent than the Thai government lottery The Thai government lottery will have 6 numbers and the Malaysian lottery Magnum 4D will have 2 types of purchases which are

Buy with a chance to win every prize (big) Buy 1 to win from the smallest to largest prize Suitable for those who want to win many prizes. But the prize money will also be less

Buy with a chance to win only 1 to 3 prizes (small) Buy 1 to win only 1 to 3 with prizes. Suitable for those who are confident that they will receive a big prize. And the prize money is a lot too

For the Malaysian lottery Also known as "Magnum" will be released every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and special prizes on Tuesday (some weeks), which will announce the lottery results at approximately 18:00 onwards, Thailand time. Prediction is a prediction of 4 numbers with 23 prizes as follows

  • The 1st prize is called A1 = 1 prize.
  • 2nd prize is called B1 = 1 prize
  • The 3rd prize is called C1 = 1 prize.
  • 4th prize is called Special = 10 prizes.
  • The 5th prize is called Consolation = 10

How to bet Malaysian lottery in Thailand

Malaysian lottery that is open to bet by Online lottery betting websites. Can bet 2 or 3 cars, like Thai lottery. The 2-digit and 3-digit prize draw results will be drawn from the 1st prize number and the 2nd prize number of the Malaysian lottery or Magnum 4D as shown.

As shown in the picture, the top three numbers are taken from the last three numbers of the 1st prize or A1, while the bottom 2 numbers are taken from the last 2 numbers. The 2nd prize or B1 form of Malaysian Mallet lottery can be placed. As follows

  • Top 3
  • 3 tops
  • Bottom 2
  • 2 lower numbers
  • Running 3 top
  • Run for 2 bottom
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